safety alert

Tecumseh Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all attendees at our home football games at Indian Stadium. In response to the ongoing commitment to safety and under the direction of Superintendent Rick Hilderley, in collaboration with our School Resource Officer (SRO), the District is implementing essential security updates for the remainder of the season.

The following changes have been introduced to enhance the safety and security of our Tecumseh community:

  • Parental Supervision Encouraged: We strongly encourage all parents to actively supervise their children throughout home events. Your involvement helps us create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.
  • Temporary Fencing: Temporary fencing will be installed, delineating a small strip along the walkway. The area to the west of this temporary fence will be strictly off-limits to ALL attendees.
  • Seating for Younger Students: For students in 4th grade and below, we kindly request that they remain seated and supervised in the bleachers during the game. Safety is our top priority; this measure helps keep our young fans safe and engaged.
  • Jr. Jungle Area: Students in 5th to 8th grade will have a special “Jr. Jungle” section reserved in the first section of the bleachers on the extreme northern end. They are asked to remain seated unless they need to access the concession/restroom area. They may also utilize other stadium sections if their behavior remains respectful and non-disruptive.
  • Entrance Policy for 8th-Grade and Younger Students: To maintain a secure environment, we will continue to require all 8th-grade and younger students to enter the stadium with a parent or guardian. This policy ensures that all young attendees have appropriate supervision.
  • Food Trailers: Food trailers will be positioned “inside” the stadium area, offering our spectators a convenient and secure dining option.
  • Access Restrictions: Inside the field/track fence, only members of specific groups (Hall of Fame, Youth Football, Youth Cheer, etc.) will be permitted. This controlled access contributes to the overall safety of our events.

These security enhancements underscore our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all Tecumseh High School home football game attendees. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us implement these changes, and we look forward to your continued support.