talent together

In a significant development for Michigan’s educational landscape, Tecumseh Public Schools has welcomed its very first participant into the “Talent Together” program. Launched this year, Talent Together is a state initiative aimed at boosting the quality of education by providing Michigan residents with the opportunity to become educators or expand their qualifications in crucial learning areas, all at no cost to the individual.

The Michigan State Legislature is taking proactive steps to address the teacher shortage by allocating $66.4 million to the Talent Together initiative – a collaborative effort involving 48 intermediate school districts across the state.

Talent Together is garnering recognition as a groundbreaking program driven by the goal of nurturing highly skilled educators while removing financial barriers that might deter aspiring teachers. With its commitment to educational excellence, TPS has eagerly embraced the program and has six employees who have been accepted into this transformative initiative.

Its emphasis on experiential learning sets Talent Together apart from conventional educational pathways. Participants engage in all required coursework through various accredited higher education institutions in Michigan. However, the program’s uniqueness truly shines through its approach to real-world teaching experiences. Participants are paired with host districts and mentor teachers for an entire school year, with compensation and benefits. This format provides invaluable insights and practical skills that differentiate Talent Together from traditional student teaching programs.

Jayme Funchion from Tecumseh Middle School is the first TPS employee to embark on her Talent Together journey. She is currently in her apprenticeship. Jayme’s unwavering passion for education and her commitment to professional growth have earned her this distinction, and her apprenticeship officially commenced in September.

Carrie Barden, an experienced 5th-grade teacher at TMS, has assumed the role of Jayme’s mentor for the current school year. Together, they will navigate the intricacies of classroom management and other essential pedagogical skills, providing Jayme with a well-rounded and immersive educational experience.

Upon successfully completing her Talent Together program, Jayme will emerge as a certified teacher, well-prepared to assume a vital role as a qualified Michigan educator. Her journey serves as an inspiring example of Talent Together’s potential to transform dedicated individuals into accomplished educators who will contribute to Michigan’s educational landscape.

As Talent Together continues to gain momentum, it promises to usher in an era of excellence in education throughout the state. The collaboration between Tecumseh Public Schools and this groundbreaking program underscores a shared commitment to nurturing talent, fostering educators, and ultimately enhancing the quality of education for Michigan’s students.

Jayme had served as the secretary at TMS for the past several years. With her taking on this new role, Bobbie Jo Brandou has transitioned into the secretary position. Bobbie Jo has been with TPS for a few years, spanning several positions during that time.