crucial catch

Tecumseh Public Schools is standing shoulder to shoulder with the American Cancer Society in a powerful alliance to support a Tecumseh High School graduate and raise awareness and funds for cancer research. This effort centers around the upcoming “Crucial Catch” THS football game, underscoring early cancer detection's significance.

John Terry, a 2013 graduate of Tecumseh High School, was a star athlete in multiple sports, including football, basketball, track, and baseball. His sports journey continued at Hillsdale College, where he was a cornerback from 2013-2018. After college, he pursued a career as a pediatric physical therapist. 

In 2020, John’s life took an unexpected turn when he discovered a lump in his neck. This marked the beginning of an arduous battle against cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2022. John endured months of chemotherapy and radiation. His remarkable resilience resulted in a triumphant declaration of his cancer-free status in 2023.

Inspired by John’s journey and the importance of early cancer detection, Tecumseh High School's football team is preparing for the Crucial Catch game. This event is dedicated to raising awareness about early cancer detection. Recently, THS sold pink “Tackle Cancer” t-shirts. Students, staff, and the community all helped out and purchased these shirts, aiming to make a big impact, and it did.

The money raised from the shirts sold will be donated to John. Separately, the football team has set up a GoFundMe campaign to support John Terry directly and contribute to the broader fight against cancer.  Please visit GoFundMe for more information -

From a multi-sport athlete to a cancer survivor, John Terry's incredible journey symbolizes resilience and hope. As the Tecumseh community unites behind John, they send a resounding message that together, they can conquer adversity and make a crucial catch in the fight against cancer.

Since 2009, the National Football League and the American Cancer Society have joined forces in a relentless battle against cancer with their initiative, Crucial Catch. This initiative is dedicated to enhancing early cancer detection and reducing the unequal burden of cancer in underserved communities. Crucial Catch strongly emphasizes prevention and early cancer detection, recognizing that cancers know no boundaries of age or circumstance. It strives to expand access to critical cancer screenings.