snowmen project

A seemingly ordinary coloring project at Tecumseh Acres Early Learning Center took an unexpected turn last week as the students’ depictions of snowmen transformed into tangible, three-dimensional creations.

This marks the third consecutive year of the Snowman project, initially conceived by Mary Tommelien, Secretary of the TPS Board of Education. The concept involved the youngest TPS students coloring and embellishing images of snowmen, which were then brought to life by volunteer community members using polyester fiberfill–a synthetic material commonly used for stuffing pillows and soft objects like stuffed animals.

Putting the plan into action, Tommelein collaborated with kindergarten teachers Lindsey Saxton and Elizabeth Wilcoxen, who actively participated in the creative process. The students would complete their drawings, not knowing what surprise was in store for them. Meanwhile, Tommelein worked diligently to enlist volunteers to breathe life into the snowmen.

The culmination of the project involved the assembly of the snowmen. Volunteers from Britton Nazarene Church devoted hours to designing and putting together 41 vibrant snowmen for the students to enjoy.

The generosity of the volunteers, teachers Ms. Saxton and Ms. Wilcoxen, and Mary Tommelein, deserves special recognition and gratitude. Through their efforts, they brought joy to the students who took part in the project. The students were very enthusiastic and thankful for their snowmen.