reward school

Tecumseh Public Schools is proud to announce a significant achievement for Herrick Park Intermediate Learning Center, as it has been designated a “Reward School” for the 2022-2023 school year by the Michigan Department of Education.

Each year, the MDE assesses schools academically, classifying the top 5 percent in the state as “Reward Schools.” This ranking is determined through the Top-to-Bottom ranking methodology, incorporating data on achievement, improvement, and achievement gaps in standardized scores.

Herrick Park ILC students surpassed the state English Language Arts (ELA) and Math targets on the 2022-2023 school year M-Step assessment. The state set a target of 56.31% for ELA and 43.94% for Math. With the guidance of exceptional teachers and professionals at Herrick Park, students exceeded these targets, achieving 63.92% in ELA and 51.27% in Math.

“As educators, it is rewarding to see our time, effort, and dedication get recognized,” said third-grade Herrick Park teacher Ashleigh Sackett. “We work very hard to ensure we are supporting students’ growth academically, socially, and emotionally, all while maintaining a positive culture and climate within our buildings. We are extremely proud of our students and the work they do each and every day to set goals and achieve them!”

The Michigan Department of Education defines proficiency in the “Student Growth” area as a significant percentage of students who have improved or maintained proficiency in English Language Arts and Math state assessments based on statewide test results.

“Herrick Park’s recognition as a “Reward School” reflects the dedication of our educators, the resilience of our students, and the unwavering support of our families,” said Meghan Way, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Tecumseh Public Schools. “Together, we celebrate this milestone as a testament to our collective pursuit of excellence in education.”

While the district is pleased with the recognition, there is a greater excitement about the continuous growth of students as learners. The staff looks forward to witnessing further excellence through ongoing collaboration in the years to come.