open heart sculpture

The holidays are right around the corner. Need a gift idea?

Starting Wednesday, the 18th, the red Remembrance Poppies from the THS Sculpture Garden will be available for purchase. There's no set price for the ceramic and felted wool poppies. However, we are accepting donations.

Here's how it works: Pick your poppy and pluck it from the ground. There's a secure metal lock box not far from the Open Heart steel sculpture. Please place your donation in the lock box. Both cash and check are accepted. Please make the checks payable to Tecumseh High School.

This is being done through the honor system. Your donation WILL BE going to a local charity.

A little background about the project: It took students from Christine Obeid and Jackie Whiteley's art classes weeks to make the Remembrance Poppies. The poppies surround the brand new Open Heart sculpture. This project was designed with veterans and Veterans Day in mind.

Here in the US, and other English-speaking countries, the Remembrance Poppy is a moving symbol of respect for the war dead. It's also a source of support for veterans and their families.