jacob anastasoff

On Friday, April 30, 2021, Superintendent Rick Hilderley announced Jacob Anastasoff is leaving Tecumseh Public Schools.

Anastasoff is currently the 7th grade principal at Compass Learning Center and the 8th grade principal at West STEAM Center. In addition to these roles, he is also the District Curriculum Coordinator for TPS.

Anastasoff is leaving for a new position with Taylor School District in Taylor, MI. He will be taking the role of Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Curriculum and Operations.

“I cannot thank TPS enough for the opportunities and the professional growth it offered throughout my 4 years,” said Jacob Anastasoff. “The district initiatives along with it's phenomenal staff have allowed me to look at education through a different lens. My time at TPS will forever guide my vision and future decisions. I look forward to using these tools at Taylor in the years ahead.”

Anastasoff has been with the district since August 2017. Prior to his most recent roles, he has served as assistant principal at Tecumseh High School, 9/10th grade principal and he implemented the 9th Grade Academy.

“TPS thanks Mr. Anastasoff for his service to the district. He has provided high quality work in every role he was given,” said Superintendent Rick Hilderley. “We have anticipated the possibility of his departure and feel fortunate to have the right people within the district to fill gaps. Our administrative team is ready to tackle the rest of the district reorganization,” added Mr. Hilderley. “I am very confident in the plan we have for leadership moving forward.”

Right now, a transition period is underway before Anastasoff officially leaves Tecumseh Public Schools.

A shuffle will be made with principals as we make the move to reconfigure our schools ahead of the 2021-2022 school year. No changes will be made with our principals at North and South Early Learning Centers. The same goes for Tecumseh High School.