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After a successful school year, new data is showing just how well K-8 students are doing at Tecumseh Public Schools.

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, K-8 students showed consistent growth in reading and math, surpassing the goals set forth by the school district. The District is required by the state to report on K-8 performance but not high school.

The District established the goals in September 2021. The assessments are broken down into four categories: i-Ready assessment in reading and math for K-4 students and the other is Fastbridge assessment in reading and math for grades 5-8. Students took these assessments three times during the school year. Each in the fall, winter and spring.

The middle of the year goal for reading and math was 50% and the end of the year goal was 75%. K-8 students scored very high throughout the entire year, blowing past the goals that were established.

During the middle of the year, K-8 students achieved 83% growth in reading and 84% growth in math. By the end of the school year, K-8 students made even more improvement in reading and math. The students hit 92% in reading and 91% in math.

“This data speaks to our students' and teachers' resilience and perseverance throughout these past few academic years,” said Meghan Way, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at TPS. “Over 90% of our students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade have made growth on our benchmark assessments in both reading and math.”

The District is also required by the state to break the data into subgroups, like student demographics.

With this year being the first time the District has used these particular assessments, unfortunately, TPS was unable to compare data to last year’s performance.

Heading into the 2022-2023 school year, the District will expand the assessments to include high school students. All 9-12 grade students will take this assessment. This will help the District dig deeper into the data moving forward.

“Collecting, interpreting and most importantly acting on the data will continue to be a priority for TPS teachers and administration moving forward into the 2022-23 school year,” said Way. “We know that we have gaps in learning that we need to address. Our focus is on aligning curriculum next year to ensure we are meeting our students' academic needs.”

For more information, please see the Section 98b Goal Progress Report: