student lunch

School meals have been free to all students since the start of the pandemic, but barring a last-minute change, that is going away.

Families at Tecumseh Public Schools will once again have to fill out the short application and provide income details to find out if they are eligible for reduced price or free meals.

Those without an updated application on file will pay full price.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (or USDA) has not been given Congress' consent to keep providing free breakfast and lunch to students. The waivers are set to expire at the end of September 2022.

Starting in 2020, all students, regardless of their parent's income and backgrounds, could have received free breakfast and lunch for the past two years. They also increased meal reimbursement rates and relaxed the regulations of school nutrition program guidelines.

“We are worried about the kids and their families who may be struggling right now,” said TPS public information officer Vic Pratt. “If you add the extra price for breakfast, lunch, or both, it’s a little bit concerning.”

Changes have been made to the free and reduced meal program. The USDA has raised the income amounts to qualify for the program.

Even if families didn’t qualify for the program in the past, TPS is encouraging everyone to apply.

The District has set up the Meal Benefits application through Infinite Campus. Sign up information can be found here.

Tecumseh Public Schools will not be raising prices for breakfast or lunch this school year.

Breakfast will remain at $1.25, lunch for K-8 students is $2.75, and lunch for 9-12 students is $3.25.