veterans day

Today (November 10), the community of Tecumseh came together in a resounding display of gratitude and honor, celebrating Veterans Day with two remarkable events that paid tribute to the veterans and exemplified the unity and appreciation felt across the district.

The day began with the resounding success of the Veterans Day Breakfast at Tecumseh Middle School, which witnessed an overwhelming turnout. The event, orchestrated by the TMS staff and supported by the National Junior Honor Society from TMS and Cadets from Tecumseh High School, was a heartfelt gesture to honor the courageous veterans who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding freedom.

A striking performance of The Star-Spangled Banner by the THS Chamber Choir set an inspiring tone for the event, followed by captivating displays from the TMS band and the 8th-grade Orchestra. The TSO’s rendition of the Armed Forces Salute, representing various military branches, was a moving tribute to the heroes in attendance.

However, the morning's highlight was the Gratitude Campaign, where over 1,000 heartfelt letters from TMS students were delivered to the veterans. The aim was to create a lasting impact, mirroring the profound effect it had on the students themselves.

Carrie Barden and Kristin Hess, instrumental in orchestrating these projects, received commendation for their hard work and dedication. The generous support from Tuckey's Big Boy in Tecumseh, through their donation of food and workforce, significantly contributed to the event's success.

The day continued with Tecumseh High School's grand "We Salute" Ceremony and the Sculpture Garden tribute unveiling. This collaborative effort involved multiple school departments and organizations, all coming together to pay homage to the veterans.

The event saw the choir's emotional rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner and the band students' heartfelt performance. The highlight of this tribute was unveiling of the new “Fallen Brothers” sculpture, designed by Veteran Jim Bundshuh, which will grace the THS campus for the next year.

Beyond this, the commemoration extended to the creation of over 80 unique yard signs, sold to families to honor their loved ones and lined along the amphitheater-style seating. Sculpture students showcased their talent through captivating installation figures made from clear packing tape, capturing iconic and well-known poses. Also, Ashley LaVoy’s third and fourth-grade students designed patriotic art to adorn the Heart Sculpture.

The efforts of the Sculpture Garden Committee, comprised of dedicated individuals like Jackie Whiteley, Ron Frenzen, Christine Obeid, and Sarah Carter, were acknowledged for their commitment and hard work in making the event a success.

Both events are heartfelt gestures of appreciation and honor toward the veterans who have fearlessly served the nation. The unity and dedication showcased by the Tecumseh community, students, and staff made this Veterans Day a memorable and touching celebration.

The spirit of appreciation and unity witnessed in Tecumseh today serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring those who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding the freedoms cherished by all.