door installation

In a significant move towards bolstering campus safety, Tecumseh High School has unveiled upgrades to its entrance doors. This strategic decision, aimed at securing the vestibules, is part of a multi-step plan that promises to redefine safety standards within the institution.

The backdrop of this transformation lies in the wear and tear of the original door frames, which, having endured previous repairs, reached a critical point of no return—the compromised frames allowed for unsettling movement, detached from the concrete structure, necessitating a comprehensive replacement.

The new doors and frames are not your run-of-the-mill replacements; they signify a paradigm shift in security infrastructure. Crafted from tinted and tempered safety glass, these doors boast dual functionality—augmenting security while simultaneously addressing thermal transfer concerns. The upgrade aligns with the school's commitment to fostering a secure environment, with an added focus on energy efficiency.

Funded through the Section 97 safety grant, this initial phase of the project is just the tip of the iceberg. The school administration is actively pursuing additional safety features, including ballistic safety film, slated for implementation over the summer. This strategic allocation of resources underscores a forward-thinking approach to anticipating and addressing potential security challenges.

As Tecumseh High School charts this course towards heightened safety measures, the school community is encouraged to stay informed and engaged. The support and understanding of students, staff, and parents are integral to the success of these initiatives. The administration remains dedicated to transparent communication, fostering an environment where safety and progress go hand in hand.

This marks the beginning of a new era at Tecumseh High School, where each step forward is a stride towards a safer tomorrow for all stakeholders.