tecumseh pool

In a unanimous decision during a Special Board of Education Meeting held on Monday, December 4th, the Tecumseh Public Schools Board of Education has officially approved the reopening of the Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool, effective immediately.

This pivotal decision follows a comprehensive engineering study conducted by SME, the esteemed engineering firm tasked with assessing the pool roof’s structural integrity. During their most recent study, SME provided professional insight, determining that the identified joist-bearing seat corrosion did not pose an immediate structural concern. Nonetheless, SME recommended reinforcing the joist seats to restore them to their originally intended design strength. In their report, SME indicated that the pool can safely resume normal operations if desired.

An SME representative presented these detailed findings to the Board during Monday’s meeting, shedding light on the results of their thorough examination.

This course of action comes after SME’s earlier engagement in the summer, where they conducted a limited structural assessment revealing initial concerns about the pool’s roof integrity. Subsequently, SME recommended closure pending further assessments. On September 25th, the TPS Board of Education endorsed the temporary closure of the pool to ensure the safety of all users.

In an abundance of caution, the District consulted with Thrun Law Firm and the company that insures the pool. Both entities stand firmly behind the District’s decision to reopen the pool.

With the community pool officially reopened, Sarah Eubanks, Director of Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool, and Jon Zajac, TPS Athletic Director, have received the green light to resume all pool-related activities.

The Tecumseh High School boys’ swim team is set to resume activities at Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool on Tuesday, December 5th. Subsequently, the pool will reopen to the public on Wednesday, December 6th.

Stay tuned to TPS's social media channels for the latest updates regarding the community pool.

Tecumseh Public Schools sincerely appreciates Dundee Community Schools for generously hosting our TPS athletes and clubs. Additionally, we express heartfelt thanks to the Tecumseh community for your ongoing support. Your commitment contributes greatly to the success and well-being of our students. Thank you.