reconfiguration update

During the Board of Education meeting held on Monday, December 11th, Tecumseh Public Schools made a pivotal decision to close Herrick Park Intermediate Learning Center and Patterson Intermediate Learning Center, effective from the 2024-2025 school year onwards. This strategic move is part of an initiative to optimize resources and enhance the educational experience for students.

In light of the closure of the aforementioned elementary school buildings, the District is set to undergo a comprehensive reconfiguration, relocating third and fourth-grade students to new facilities.

Approved by the Board of Education, the restructuring plan for Tecumseh Public Schools, starting from the 2024-2025 academic year, includes the following building and grade structures:

  • Sutton Early Learning Center - Young 5s-3rd grade
  • Tecumseh Acres Early Learning Center - Young 5s-3rd grade
  • Tecumseh Middle School - 4th-8th grade
  • Tecumseh High School - 9th-12th grade (remains the same)

“These are difficult decisions. Until we can get all K-4 programming under one roof, this plan gives us the best chance to operate efficiently,” said Superintendent Rick Hilderley. “We will start the planning process for the move and come out of it with a great program for our students.”

Superintendent Hilderley spearheaded the reconfiguration process, presenting four district plans to the Board for evaluation. Two plans were formulated after incorporating valuable input from the community and TPS staff. The community and staff were then engaged to provide feedback on the proposals, with the majority of the community favoring plan three—an outcome subsequently endorsed by the Board.

“Enhancing the financial stability of Tecumseh Public Schools is crucial for optimizing resource allocation,” said Tony Rebottaro, president of the TPS Board of Education. “A robust financial foundation enables us to allocate additional funds to enrich the curriculum, support various events, promote the arts, and more. It’s imperative that we establish and maintain long-term financial stability for Tecumseh Public Schools.”

In addition to the educational enhancements, the reconfiguration is forecasted to yield substantial financial savings, exceeding $1.8 million. This strategic move ensures the preservation of Tecumseh Public Schools’ reserve funds at 12% of the operating budget, equivalent to approximately $4.1 million.

With the Board’s reconfiguration approval, Tecumseh Public Schools is now poised to initiate the planning and implementation phase. The District is committed to facilitating a seamless transition for both staff and students, marking a transformative step toward a more efficient and effective educational environment.