school board recognition month

In collaboration with 537 local and 56 intermediate school districts throughout Michigan, Tecumseh Public Schools proudly observes January as School Board Recognition Month.

Despite the numerous challenges that public education faced in the tumultuous year of 2023, our dedicated school board members demonstrated resilience in their commitment to delivering the highest quality education for our students, according to Superintendent Rick Hilderley. Expressing gratitude for their unwavering efforts, Superintendent Hilderley noted that celebrating School Board Recognition Month is a small yet meaningful gesture to acknowledge their indispensable contributions.

“School board members play a vital role as they represent community perspectives and priorities within the intricate framework of managing and operating public schools in the district,” said Superintendent Hilderley. “The significance of local control over education, a cherished element of Michigan’s educational landscape, cannot be overstated.”

The tireless efforts of school board members often go unnoticed, and it’s essential to recognize their dedication.

“The school board’s primary objective is to foster student achievement,” added Superintendent Hilderley. “The Board channels its efforts towards various key areas, including envisioning the school district's future, prioritizing student achievement, establishing learning standards, assessing goal attainment, and creating a conducive learning environment.”

The Board of Education members were recognized during the Monday, January 8th meeting. Superintendent Hilderley and Board President Tony Rebottaro extended their heartfelt appreciation to the Board for their diligent work throughout the past year, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to Tecumseh Public Schools.

While January brings a particular focus on appreciating school board members, their contributions are a year-round effort. Regardless of the challenges ahead in 2024, the school board will persist in its governance to enhance student achievement and deliver exceptional education to all children in the community.

The individuals serving Tecumseh Public Schools are:

  • Tony Rebottaro - President (serving since January 2021)
  • Lynne Davis - Vice President (serving since May 2021)
  • Mary Tommelein - Secretary (serving since June 2021)
  • Tim Simpson - Treasurer (serving since January 2019)
  • Greg Lewis - Trustee (serving since January 2021)
  • Dr. Jacob Martinez - Trustee (serving since January 2023)
  • Rebecca Brooks - Trustee (serving since October 2023)