Tecumseh Public Schools is reaching out to residents to gather crucial feedback regarding the necessary repairs for the Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool. With the roof and other critical infrastructure requiring an estimated $2.5 million in investments, the Board of Education is actively exploring viable avenues to address these pressing needs.

Recognizing the significance of community engagement in such matters, the Board is eager to hear from residents about their preferences on how to finance these repairs. A brief survey has been prepared to facilitate this dialogue, consisting of a few essential questions.

Residents are invited to share their opinions on two proposed financing options.
1. Bond Issue: A proposal to introduce a .40 mills Bond over ten years, equivalent to $50 annually for a $250,000 home, dedicated solely to repairing the pool-building infrastructure.
2. Sinking Fund: An alternative option offering two tiers of support:
A 2 mills Sinking Fund over ten years, amounting to $250 annually for a $250,000 home, earmarked for repairs to the pool-building infrastructure and other necessary district-wide repairs.
A 3 mills Sinking Fund over ten years, totaling $375 annually for a $250,000 home, with allocations for pool-building and broader district repairs.

Residents are encouraged to express their likelihood of supporting each option, ranging from “Very likely” to “Very unlikely.”

“The future of our community pool and the infrastructure of our district buildings relies on collaborative decision-making,” said TPS Superintendent Rick Hilderley. “We urge our residents to participate in this survey to ensure that we address these needs effectively and in alignment with community priorities."

The survey will be accessible on the Tecumseh Public Schools website and social media channels. All responses will be carefully considered as the Board of Education moves forward in addressing the repair needs of the Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool and other district buildings.

You can also view the survey by clicking here.