A group of eager computer science students from Tecumseh High School seized a golden opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of technology offerings while visiting Adrian College. With an interest in computer science, information technology, and computer engineering, these students were poised to discover the wealth of opportunities available in these dynamic fields.

Even before stepping foot on Adrian College’s campus, Tecumseh Public Schools has already laid a solid foundation for these students through its robust Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Focusing on computer programming and engineering design, TPS equips students with hands-on learning experiences that bridge the gap between education and real-world training.

"In our computer programming class, we don't just write code; we craft futures. Through hands-on learning and real-world projects, we ignite a passion for CTE-driven excellence, shaping minds to build the innovations of tomorrow,” said Brian McDowell, computer programming instructor at THS. “Students should join computer programming class, and let's code our way to greatness together."

Armed with this foundation, the THS students arrived at Adrian College ready to absorb all the knowledge and opportunities presented to them. During the visit, students were immersed in academic and extracurricular possibilities. They learned about the diverse array of opportunities available, ranging from rigorous academic programs to enriching extracurricular activities. Students also had the chance to explore scholarship opportunities, paving the way for their future educational endeavors.

The trip's highlight was undoubtedly the captivating campus tour, where students were introduced to the state-of-the-art facilities, the serene beauty of the grounds, and the vibrant student life. 

Additionally, students were thrilled to learn about a new offering at Adrian College slated for the fall of 2024: “AI for Everyone.” This groundbreaking course promises to delve into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence and its real-world applications, providing students with invaluable knowledge and skills for the future.

By investing in CTE education, TPS is preparing students for success in the 21st-century economy and empowering them to become leaders and innovators in their respective fields.