community pool

Unanimous approval by the Tecumseh Public Schools Board of Education paves the way for a significant initiative as they greenlight the placement of a bond for the Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool on the August 6, 2024 primary ballot.

The approved ten-year .40 mills bond marks a pivotal decision made during the Monday, April 22 board meeting. An estimated $2.5 million financial endeavor is earmarked for crucial repairs addressing the community pool’s roof and other vital infrastructure requirements.

Before making this decision, the district considered different options to finance the repairs and sought feedback from the community. Over nearly two weeks, residents participated in a survey gauging their support for a targeted bond solely affecting the pool or a broader sinking fund encompassing the pool and other district infrastructure needs. The feedback favored a focused bond campaign tailored exclusively to the community pool.

You can view the results of the survey here.

The .40 mills bond over ten years translates to an annual commitment of $50 for a home valued at $250,000, with funds dedicated exclusively to rectifying the pool-building structure.

“Community input has been instrumental in guiding our decisions, and we appreciate the active engagement and support received,” said TPS Superintendent Rick Hilderley. “The Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool is a cornerstone of recreation for our area, and this project demonstrates our commitment to ensuring its continued value and functionality for all.”

The repair endeavor for the community pool is slated to unfold in three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Expected to span 12 weeks, this phase entails draining the pool, dismantling the soffit, drop ceiling, and ductwork along the north wall, and cleaning and repairing the steel roof structure at the block wall junction. Subsequent steps include replacing ductwork and drop ceiling, culminating in cleaning and refilling the pool. Anticipated completion: Around September 1, 2025 (if initiated on June 1, 2025).

  • Phase 2 and 3: Envisioned to unfold over approximately six months, Phase 2 involves draining the pool, removing all drop ceilings, and executing tasks such as sandblasting, sealing, and coating the steel roof framing. Concurrently, Phase 3 will focus on replacing the steel roof decking, insulation, and roof materials. Completion date: To Be Determined.

Factoring in a 10% contingency fund, the total projected cost of the project is approximately $2.5 million.

The Tecumseh Community Memorial Pool holds profound significance as a cherished resource, underscoring the district's steadfast commitment to ensuring its safety and sustained functionality for students and the wider public.