suicide benches

During the May 13th Board of Education meeting, Tecumseh Public Schools received two generous contributions from the Hot Rods Motorcycle Awareness & Suicide Prevention Foundation.

In a touching support display, the Foundation bestowed upon the school district two custom-made benches. Each bench featured the suicide and crisis lifeline number(988) along with the comforting message “You’re Are NOT Alone.”

“These benches not only stand as tangible symbols of support but also as beacons of hope for those facing difficulties,” said Superintendent Rick Hilderley. “They embody our community’s dedication to awareness and prevention.”

The Foundation expressed its deep honor in contributing to Tecumseh’s suicide prevention and mental health endeavors. Through these benches, the foundation aims to offer hope, assistance, and resources to individuals in need.

During the presentation before the Board, the Foundation reiterated its mission to advocate for motorcycle safety, actively participate in suicide prevention initiatives and support various Michigan-based projects.

These benches join previous donations, enriching the educational environments of schools in Milan, Dundee, and Monroe, further extending the Foundation’s impactful outreach throughout the state.