millage renewal

Tecumseh Public Schools is on the brink of a significant decision. On November 7th, the district will present voters with a pivotal choice – the renewal of the Non-Homestead Millage.

This millage, set at 18 mills, primarily affects commercial properties, some agricultural holdings, and non-principal residences. Notably, it will not alter taxes on primary homes, making it a cost-effective opportunity for community members to have their say.

It is essential to emphasize that this is not a new tax or an unscheduled special election. This practice aligns with the statewide policy initiated by Proposal A in 1994, mandating that every Michigan school district secures a portion of their per-pupil Foundation Allowance from locally collected non-homestead millages. For Tecumseh Public Schools, this funding source constitutes nearly 8% of the total budget, equivalent to almost $2.9 million earmarked for the 2023-2024 school year.

Failure to garner support for this millage renewal could present repercussions across the educational system. School security, teaching staff, class sizes, electives, and vital programs COULD bear the brunt of budget reductions. Furthermore, a decline in the quality of education could adversely affect home values, underscoring the critical role a well-funded school district plays in the community. It’s important to note that if this millage isn’t renewed, the district doesn’t lose the full per-pupil Foundation Allowance, but just a portion.

“This operating millage renewal is critical for TPS to ensure that teachers and students have what they need to be successful,” said Superintendent Rick Hilderley.

The approval of the Non-Homestead Millage is beneficial and imperative for the well-being of Tecumseh Public Schools and the broader community. It is crucial to understand that the State of Michigan will not step in to replace lost funding if the millage does not pass.

“The Non-Homestead Millage renewal is not a new tax and in no way affects the taxes collected on a taxpayer's primary residence,” said Board of Education president Tony Rebottaro. “These 18 mills represent a significant part of the funding needed to run our school system. I encourage all voters to support this issue.”

Tecumseh Public Schools urges all eligible voters to participate and make their voices heard by voting on November 7th. Your support is pivotal in ensuring the continued success of Tecumseh Public Schools.