return to school update

With the first day of school approaching at Tecumseh Public Schools, the district is releasing its plans for instruction this fall.

On Tuesday (7/20), TPS released the “Return to School Update” plan. The plan details and goes over any questions regarding COVID-19 procedures when school resumes this fall.

Superintendent Rick Hilderley unveiled the plan to the Board of Education during the first board meeting of the new school year on Monday (7/19). The document was drafted by and for Lenawee Intermediate School District member superintendents.

The plan was discussed with the Tecumseh Education Association and other district administrators before being released to families.

“In general, we will do what is required. Things that are recommendations are not necessarily things that we are going to be doing,” said Superintendent Hilderley. “The CDC frequently updates their recommendations, but in terms of mandates from our own state government, whether it’s the governor, the health department, or any other entity, our district plans and the rest of the county plans to follow anything that is a requirement.”

To help schools prepare for the return of people to indoor settings in the fall, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has released updated recommendations. The state health department says these measures are designed to protect students, teachers and staff, and maintain in-person learning. You can find more information on the recommendations at

When it comes to the “Return to School Update” plan, the Board of Education is on board.

“I like it and I like the fact that the county is consistent. I think that speaks volumes,” said TPS Board of Education President Tony Rebottaro.

The plan will go into full effect on the first day of school, Monday, August 30th.

“Return to School Update” highlights:

  • TPS will be holding in-person instruction five days a week
  • Virtual instruction will be provided through the Tecumseh Virtual Academy for K-12
  • Facemasks will be optional for students and staff during school or school events
  • Students are not required to get the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Contact tracing will continue and positive cases will be sent to the Lenawee County Health Department
  • Any quarantine restrictions will come from the local health department, not TPS
  • High-level disinfection practices will continue, including providing hand sanitizer for staff and students

For more information on the district's plan, please visit